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What we do

Through a broad portfolio of products and services, we connect the best of our producers at origin with the needs of each client.

Clients, suppliers and allies find in us a novel, flexible and sustainable experience for the commercialization of Colombian coffees.


We are a Colombian coffee exporter with an extensive portfolio of products and services that connects the best of our producers at the origin, with the needs of each and every client.

Appreciating the power of the word “Yes”, we built a business which is
reliable, innovative, sustainable, and that responds to an increasingly demanding coffee market.

All of us are part of a well working logistics and supply chain. No matter if producers, the team of workers or business partners, we all intend to make the word “Yes” the new standard for every sourcing and supply experience of Colombian coffee.


We generate credibility and confidence by reliably fulfilling our commitments. We are integrating tools and methods to achieve transparency and coherence in order to be able to respond to each and every situation in a professional manner. This business model ensures that we can meet all the requirements and expectations of our clients, suppliers, certifiers, financiers and other parties involved.


We say ``Yes``, out of respect for the work of our producers and implement this positivity through sustainable, transparent and collaborative purchases and sales processes within our supply chain and with our clients abroad.


Saying ``Yes`` means adapting to different situations and offering practical commercial solutions to our clients such as the consolidation of origins and suppliers in a single shipment, custom-made sensory profiles, small quantity offerings, unique brand designs and individual packaging.


We have an expert team behind each and every of our company's activities; starting from the purchase of coffee, the management of certifications, the production, the logistics, the verification as well as the quality control, the sales and the risk management. We are all committed to deliver a professional experience in every aspect and interaction that concerns our suppliers and our customers.


Using social media platforms we tell the story behind each and every coffee, and thereby facilitating our clients' commercialization and marketing processes as well as offering visibility to the work and commitment of our suppliers.


Saying ``Yes`` leads us to generate transparent and fair purchasing processes that maximize the benefits for our supporting suppliers in Colombia.

Every time we say "yes", we experience the satisfaction of bringing the best of our suppliers' coffees to each client trusting in our work and capacity to understand their needs.

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The best diversity within our portfolio for the best importers in the world.



Additional income received by our suppliers via certification and quality premiums.



Who have trusted us for their purchases of Colombian coffee.



From the commercialization of their coffees through our company.